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You've spent too much time and energy getting and maintaining your license to let the board hold all the cards.

Whether your case is simple or complex, amicable or conflicted, negotiable or litigated - you need a simple and inexpensive solution to immediately take back control.

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  • Important tips and warnings.
  • Ideal responses to licensing board actions. 
  • Ideal pleadings and case strategy.
  • The information you want, the knowledge you need.

"You're ready to move on with your life, but hiring a lawyer is expensive. You can't afford to spend $20,000 on a lawyer, not when you need money to pay student loans and your mortgage. What do you do? You feel frustrated and stuck – not anymore!"

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Jared Pierce

Jared Pierce

Although the first thing you’ll notice about Jared is his accent, it won’t take you long to realize he is one of the most laid-back, pleasant and caring people you will ever meet. As someone who truly cares about his employees, he encourages an “open door policy,” meaning he is never too busy for a staff member who has questions or concerns. His knowledge and originality combined with a strong desire to be a team player make him both an excellent leader and attorney.

Benjamin McLawhorn

Choosing law as a second career, Benjamin has an extensive variety of work experience, ranging from smoking pigs at a barbeque joint while in high school, to teaching as a welding instructor at a community college in Eastern North Carolina. A native North-Carolinian born in Greenville, Ben’s easy-going personality and down-to-earth character are just a few of the reasons he has thrived with Pierce Law Group.

Benjamin McLawhorn